5 Ways Our Mobile App Can Help You Overcome General Anxiety Disorder "GAD 7"

If you're one of them struggling with anxiety, you should not consider yourself alone. In fact, anxiety disorders are the particular common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults nationwide. While there are many ways to treat anxiety, one promising new method is through the use of sound therapy. And that's where our mobile app comes in. Our app contains a variety of different sounds that can help you relax and reduce anxiety. Here are 5 ways our app sounds can help you overcome GAD 7: 

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1. Sense Of Security And Safety:

The first way our app sound can help you is by providing a sense of security and safety. When you're feeling anxious, the last thing you want to do is be in a dark, quiet room by yourself. But with our app, you can have a calming voice or peaceful music to keep you company wherever you go. 

2. Help To Focus On Something Other:

The second way our app sound can help you is by helping you focus on something other than your anxiety. When you're feeling anxious, your mind is racing and it's hard to focus on anything else. But if you have calming music or vocals playing in the background, it can help take your mind off of your anxiety and allow you to focus on something else. 

3. Help To Increase Positive Emotions:

The third way our app sound can help you is by increasing positive emotions and decreasing negative emotions. Research has shown that music can have a profound effect on emotions, so if you're feeling anxious or down, listening to happy tunes can give you a much-needed emotional boost.

4. Provides Break From Everyday Thoughts:

The fourth way our app sound can help you is by giving you a break from your everyday thoughts and worries. If you're constantly thinking about your anxiety and what could go wrong, it can be helpful to take a break and listen to some calming sounds. This will give your mind a chance to relax and reset so that when you go back to thinking about your anxiety, you'll be able to approach it with a fresh perspective.

5. Provide Relief From Anxiety:

The fifth way our app sound can help is by providing relief from physical symptoms of anxiety such as muscle tension and rapid breathing. When you're feeling anxious, your body goes into fight-or-flight mode which can lead to physical symptoms such as increased heart rate and tightened muscles. Listening to calming sounds can help your body relax and ease these symptoms so that you feel more comfortable in your own skin again. 

Bottom Line:

If you suffer from anxiety, know that you are not alone and there are many people who understand what you're going through. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for treating anxiety, sound therapy has emerged as a promising new treatment option with many benefits. Our mobile app contains a variety of different sounds that can help reduce anxiety levels and provide relief from physical symptoms like muscle tension and rapid breathing. So download our app today and see how our sounds can help YOU overcome GAD 7.